It all started in 2010 when four friends met at the Royal College of Art in London. They designed a revolutionary new dog house which made it simpler to keep dogs in gardens. It looked rather like an igloo and in a moment of punning genius that would define the next generation of dog keepers, they named it the loveolay,and an icon was born. Since then loveolay’s designs have delighted thousands of pets and their owners around the world through their uncompromising attention to detail and innovative ideas.


Bringing you and your pets closer together

loveolay reimagines the way you live with and look after your pets to bring you closer together. We’ve made cat cage which allow cats to express their natural behaviour, loveolay dog coops keep your dogs safe and the loveolay hamster cage looks great in your living room, kitchen or bedroom bringing your pets into the heart of the house.


Engineered for a quicker clean

No one likes dealing with pet's food residue! By designing all of our products to be quick and easy to clean we create homes your pets will love living in and you’ll love using.


First Class Customer Service

Everyone at loveolay is committed to providing you and your pets with fantastic products and impeccable service because you are just as important to us as we know your pets are to you. We’re proud of our reputation and we’d love to hear from you. So send an email to with any feedback, questions, or suggestions. And of course we always love to receive photos of your pets!